Our Team

Meet the team in Continental Europe

Bound by a shared passion for the finer things in life, each of our expert team brings unique value and life to the business.

Merch Pescollderungg


Merch has worked in the wine industry for 25 years. In 2004, he founded MATMA, a company specialising in B2B fine wine trading, and developed it into a recognised brand before selling it to FINE+RARE in 2021. Before that he was in hospitality, starting as a sommelier and ultimately becoming the General Manager of a five-star hotel in the Dolomites. Beyond work, he loves riding his road or mountain bike, walking, and exploring the Dolomites, where he lives.

Nicolas Dujardin


Nicolas started his career in the fine wine business 10 years ago, working for one of the biggest Swiss-based fine wine merchants before joining FINE+RARE in 2022. Originally from Belgium, Nicolas has a true passion for wine. “It is a drink that creates very special moments,” he says. He’s advised discerning clients on the most iconic and sought after-wines around the world, focusing on their specific needs and providing personal suggestions. Nicolas is also a self-proclaimed adrenaline junkie and a nature-lover. Snowboarding, dirt bikes, off-roading and hiking are a few of the things with which he fills his free time, enjoying, if possible, a nice bottle of wine in the evening.

Jonathan Bruni


With over a decade in the fine wine advising private customers, Jonathan has an incredible passion for wine. From Switzerland to Italy and now the UK, Jonathan has worked in different markets and with thousands of customers, always engaging deeply to understand their needs and tastes. Originally from Alsace, he's spent most of his life in Northern Italy. Clearly enchanted by wine, for Jonathan there's nothing better in life than tasting new wines and spending time with his family.

Francesco Tamma


Francesco spent an important part of his working life in the luxury hotel business where he covered a diverse set of roles, including being a sommelier which brought him into the world of fine wine. He joined MATMA in the Dolomites in 2010, first looking after logistics, thereafter leading all B2B Sales globally and finally being in charge of purchasing as Head of Buying.
Francesco loves spending time tasting wine or enjoying an aperitivo with family and friends. Being an avid swimmer, he considers water his second favourite habitat.

Enrico Potente


Enrico began to discover the world of wine accidentally, after helping at a winery for the 1999 harvest. From there, he began his personal and professional path with sommelier training and building a network of important figures in the world of restaurants and hotels. That's also how Enrico met Francesco and Merch. In 2020 he joined them at MATMA to build up the private client business. Enrico is a devoted dad and loves spending time with his kids when he is not dealing with fine wine.

Alessandro Piantoni


After a decade’s experience in one of Italy's largest wine groups, managing logistics and customer service for six different Italian wineries with distribution in Italy and 80 countries worldwide, Alessandro joined FINE+RARE in June 2022. When not involved in Operations, Alessandro heads a worldwide music format through which he strives to introduce Italians to international music. He enjoys spending time with family and friends, cooking, photography and travelling the world to discover new places and traditions.

Irene Lorenzelli


Irene, a dynamic individual with a diverse professional background, began her career in Operations at a leading e-commerce company in fashion, luxury, and design goods. Later, she moved to a smaller organization, exploring the world of Italian and international craftsmanship she deeply admires. Her interest in the wine industry is recent, but she feels she's in the right place to understand its nuances. In her free time, Irene enjoys trekking, reading lengthy fantasy novels, traveling, and cherishes the aperitivo—a moment to unwind and savor life's pleasures.

Annalisa Florian


Born with a love of the finer things in life, Annalisa is a collaborator, honest and straightforward. She started her professional career in 2002 and has over 15 years’ experience in the wine business. Interested in seeking out the best experiences life has to offer, she always strives to get better, including for example studying towards her WSET qualifications. She loves travelling to broaden her horizons, hiking to the top of the mountains to get away from the "ground" and then feel at home in her beloved Treviso, Venice.

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